Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Eating up the opposition

-- Adam 'Pacman' Jones looks set to become a Bengal. While Chad Ochocinco was twittering that it was official, it looks like the actual deal may be close but not quite that close. Jones isn't a bad corner and the Bengals have the luxury of using him as a rotation player or Nickelback thanks to their stellar corner pair of Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph. -- It's emerging today that Terrell Owens is asking for somewhere in the region of $5 million dollars per year to return to the NFL. Good luck with that Terrell. See even though I still rate Owens, he's tall, strong, he runs great routes and he still has good speed, even I wouldn't pay $5 million for him, so what is he expecting from 32 teams who are luke warm about the guy? The reality is his concentration wasn't great last year and drops were an issue, so maybe with all things considered you'd throw him a million, maybe 2? But 5? No way. Have a great day everyone.

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