Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Must... keep... eyes... open

Ok, so since you last went to bed and then got up and went to work, then came home again.... well in that time I still haven't slept. So tonight, uhm, talk among yourselves. What makes this week even slower (as if the off season wasn't putting people to sleep even more than usual) is that there is a very real chance I wont be able to squeeze in any posts over the next three or four days because my sister in all her wisdom has decided her house is to small and is moving. Now apparently the only able bodied person within a 100 mile radius to help her move is me. Isn't that great. Guess it beats the hell out watching TV presenters talking about Chris Johnson and Andre Johnson "holding out" of voluntary mini camps. Here's a clue and it's in the title. The mini camps are Voluntary. Hence, it's only a hold out if you're still doing it during the mandatory camps. If you're still not back by then, now people can start to be concerned, most of all the guys team mates who will probably be wondering what makes player x so damn special that he feels he doesn't have to come and work out with the team. I have zero tolerance or patience for holdouts. When you're earning $550,000 per year and still have 4 years left on your contract then tough. You signed it, you honour it. Anyway, I'm grumpy because I'm tired. If I keep talking I'll start ripping into things that are best left undisturbed and we'll be here all night talking about this stuff. So all that remains to be said is have great day everyone. I'll be in bed if anyone needs me (hint: you don't).

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After you wake up...
Comments on Martz in his new coordinator position?