Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whiter than White

-- LenDale White. A Seahawk for one month and now a free agent again. Where did it all go wrong? I like LenDale on the field. He's a solid runner and has a surprising turn of speed for a guy his size. Sources inside the Seahawks organisation have told various reporters that LenDale has lived up to his reputation for being difficult to coach and often being late for meetings. LenDale also faces a possible three game suspension for violations of the NFLs' drug abuse policy. It's a shame really. A good player with a promising future looks set to disappear into mediocrity for the foreseeable future. This is one of the reasons that I was (am) concerned about Dez Bryant. It's one thing to have great talent, but off field issues quickly have a way of consuming players. -- Free agent LT Flozell Adams has been to Denver for a visit. With Ryan Clady out of action for a while, Denver has a big question at the LT spot, a question which could be answered by Adams. Reportedly there are other teams interested as well, though no names have been mentioned yet. -- Patrick Crayton - the reliable stalwart of the Cowboys receiving corps - is looking for a cut. Not just a trade, but to be outright cut from the team. Things are certainly moving at a rapid pace in Craytons' world. It was long ago that he was asking for an open and fair competition for his spot. Now we've jumped to his concession that he will probably be the number 4 guy and that he wants out. Unfortunately the Cowboys aren't budging and believe that Crayton can still be a useful emergency player and possible special teams contributor. Like the situation with LenDale White, I think this is a shame. I really like Crayton, to the extent of believing he could easily be a number 2 on most teams in the NFL. For me, he has the safe hands and solid route running skills of a Wes Welker type. But with Miles Austin, Roy Williams and Dez Bryant seemingly all ahead of him, it's likely Crayton will play sparingly this season. What did make me laugh is the belief that Sam Hurd is ahead of Crayton on the Cowboys depth chart. If that is the case, then there truly is no helping the Cowboys. Anyway, have a great day everyone.

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