Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm not sure if it was my slight beer gut...

Imagine if you will the two thickest pieces of wood possible, stuck together with stupid glue. Now you have some idea in your mind of what my Sister and her Boyfriend are like. This explains why it has taken two days to move all their stuff from one house to another, when it should have taken just the one. As a result I spent last night sleeping ye olde style on a laminate floor. The only good thing to come out of it was catching the eye of a lovely lady from across the road. I'm not sure if it was my slight beer gut (haha, "slight") or the gradual baldness that caught her eye, but who am I to complain? Right, my future love life aside I need to quickly check around the web to find out what interesting and exciting news I've missed out on. Back in a second..... ....... Surprise, surprise, I've missed bugger all. Must be off-season time in the NFL. Ah that's right, it is. So the Williams brothers have had their suspensions put on hold pending an appeal. Personally I think it's tragic. I understand that Minnesota has it's laws and all that blah, but you simply can't have a league like the NFL where such great pains are taken to establish parity (and for excellent reasons) and yet allow some players to be exempted from some of the leagues rules. I hope the NFL pulls the plug on the Vikings and orders them to move somewhere else (Los Angeles?) as a lesson. Oh and Brett Favre has had surgery on his ankle. I'm shocked. About as shocked as an airline passenger would be to find out the in-flight meal was rubbish. Well, looks like he'll be missing training camp. It's almost like he deliberately put off having surgery for that purpose...... Never. Apparently the Cardinals are actively targeting Marc Bulger. Proof that things are getting desperate in Arizona... And lastly, Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers have been impressing on-lookers at the Bears mini camp. Which is akin to saying that Roger Federer looked impressive while playing in a tournament against under-18s. Who are they competing against? The Bears pass rush was woeful last year and even if Cutler was throwing balls into the turf, his salary alone makes it unlikely that anyone else will line up under center in Chicago, barring injuries (cross your fingers Bears fans). Which brings me to a transition so smooth it would make Frank Sinatra look like George W.Bush (jnr). A reader (hello Kevin) asked what my thoughts are on Mike Martz as the Offensive Coordinator of the Bears. Well Kevin... you'll have to wait till tomorrow I'm afraid. 1) I need sleep. Lot's of sleep in a proper bed, designed for humans. 2) In a news period this thin, it would be criminal not to take advantage of this gift of a topic by giving it a separate post all to itself. So tomorrow I shall tackle Mr. Martz and his season ahead with the Bears. Also, if anyone else would like me to cover a topic of choice or ask a question then fell free to leave a comment and I'll get round to it ASAP. Now watch this drive. Oh and have a great day everyone. P.S. Just to cheer you all up (because naturally I assume you'll be as depressed as me in this football barren period) here is a tune to lift your mood, courtesy of the Black Eyed Peas and YouTube (though neither of them know I'm posting it, I doubt they care):

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