Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The end cometh

-- Occasionally something rare happens. The planets align, the moon passes through some astronomical body as a portent of doom, and yes, even the Raiders make good decisions. I'm worried. On draft day they overlooked two speed freaks in favour of a sensible pick in the first round, before indulging in some wheeling and dealing to get extra picks and finally picked up both Bruce Campbell and Jacoby Ford in the 4th round. Then they traded and got Jason Campbell to come in and be their new starting QB. But now the apocalypse is in full swing as it appears the Raiders are even making good coaching decisions on the field as well. I'm talking about Campbell (Bruce) being moved to RG. Campbell is a freak of nature for his size and speed, but it's not really clear how well he understands the LT position, so the Raiders have elected to shift him inside. Which is a great move. A guy with his athletic capability can get help on the inside in pass protection, but is also ideally placed to make trapping blocks and pulling blocks. This is only going to help the Raiders run game more and take more pressure of the QB. I think I can feel the Earth imploding under my feet.... -- Is Michael Vick getting restless? Yes it's that time of year where news is thin and thus QB controversies are manufactured by the media and it appear this year is no different. No, there is no controversy. Kolb will start. But Vick might be hoping that a team in need comes calling this off season as the reality hits him that he'll be playing with the second string team in practice, but might see some game action as a red zone and short yardage specialist. Of course the opportunity to showcase his talents in the pre-season games will help, but Vick is likely staying put for now. Which is a shame. Watching him in games, he looked just as athletic as ever and the few throws he made were almost frozen rope flat. I'd take a gamble on Vick. Especially if I was Buffalo. -- Darren Sharper is back in New Orleans next season. I'm sure Porter and Greer can't wait to have their thunder stolen again. Have a great day everyone.

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