Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finding a port in the storm

-- Joey Porter has finished meeting with the Washington Redskins and has now signed a three year deal.... with the Arizona Cardinals? Strange. But it's a nice move by Arizona. I'm surprised nobody else stepped up to take a shot at Porter who still has plenty left to give as both a pass rusher and a locker room motivator. -- The NFL will put forward a suggestion from its competition committee to the owners this week regarding changes to the overtime procedure. By the sounds of it, if the team that wins the coin toss scores a TD on its first possession, then the game ends. If they score a field goal then the other team gets a chance to comeback and score, with a TD ending the game and a field goal sending the game to sudden death. If the receiving team gets nothing from their opening drive, then it's sudden death straight off the bat. All 32 owners get a vote and I believe it needs 24 votes to pass. Now I've had a think about this and I pretty much agree with the passionate response given by Rod Woodson on NFL Total Access, that being that there are 3 key things to think about: 1) If it's such an issue, why only change the rules for the playoffs and not the regular season? 2) Ok you lost the coin toss, but you still have the chance to make a play on the Kick coverage and on defense to stop the opposition getting into scoring range. That is still a part of football right? 3) You just had 60 minutes to get the job done and couldn't, fact. You played an entire, regulation length game of football and you couldn't beat the other team, so is it really that harsh that you lost in sudden death overtime? I think all of the above make a compelling case, but I appreciate that this is a hotly contested issue with strong views on both sides. I just hope that at least 9 owners feel as strongly as I do (and presumably Rod Woodson). Have a great day everyone.

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