Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's not panning out well

I know I've already put out a long post today but I just have to get this complaint off my chest. I've been trying to go back and watch film of the D-linemen going through their workouts and I just have to say this: NFL Network. SORT YOUR DAMN CAMERAWORK OUT!!!!!! It was bugging me earlier, now it's just making me crazy. Switching between cameras constantly, following players who've finished their drills and are walking back while another prospect is still working out, constantly focusing on guys like Suh so we end up missing the drills, and generally filming just about everything possible except the damn prospects who are currently on the drill. For gods sake, invest in a stand where your camera can see the action and then keep it focused on the action. That's the whole point of putting the draft on TV!!

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