Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dinner dates all round.

-- The Boston Herald has reported that QB prospect Tim Tebow has met with Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. Teams are allowed a maximum of 30 so called "in-house visits" with prospects, towards which this meeting counts. And it makes great sense for the Patriots. They already have a franchise guy at the position in Brady so the need to quickly develop a QB isn't there. It means the Pats would have time to work with Tebow over the course of one or two years to develop him properly without having to rush him into the line of duty. Tebow would probably receive snaps only in the case of injury to Brady or on certain goal line packages. And it's definitely the kind of move the Pats would make. Spend a 2nd round pick to get a guy with great off field character. He's practically a model for what the Patriots look for. Keep an eye on this one when the Patriots come back on the clock at number 44 overall (the 12th pick in the second round). -- Dez Bryant, touted by many as the number one receiver in this years draft, held his pro day workout in his home town of Lufkin, Texas. It's the first chance scouts and coaches have had to look at Bryant since he injured himself in preparation for the NFL combine. Now personally, I already had a few red flags over Bryant. First off, he hasn't played for a whole year after being ruled ineligible by the NCAA due to an incident involving a failure to fully disclose his personal contact with former NFL player and current speller of doom to young players, Deion Sanders. Next, I'm concerned by his breaks on routes. As a former WR coach (thanks work schedule), my big issue watching Bryant is that his transitions into routes are lazy and obvious. No sudden deceleration, but a noticeable pop up and gradual turn. I also see a significant amount of catches and TD where you have Bryant, though not overly tall himself, being matched up against small corners. Essentially jump balls, where his size and strength do all the work. Now I'm sorry, but the NFL isn't going to be quite that easy. What I will say for him, is that he has great hands and attacks the football well. But all this pales into comparison to the red flag thrown up today. As he came out for his workout he was apparently accompanied by no less than a 10 person "entourage" (read: people looking for a free payday). But that's not even the red flag causing incident. Nor is the fact that he dropped many of his early passes. Nor is the fact that he ran his 40 time in the 4.5 region. It's not even that his vertical leap, probably his key weapon, would have only been 7th among receivers at the combine (though his broad jump was over 11 feet by all accounts). And it's not that he failed to complete the shuttle and cone drills several times either. It's his shoes. Yep, shoes. Or rather, the fact that he forgot to bring his own. So if I'm a scout or a coach from say, the 49ers or the Seahawks (both of whose Head Coaches attended), then I'm gonna be pretty damn annoyed that I just travelled all that way from the West Coast to come and see you work out, only for you to forget your shoes. I mean how does that happen? How do you get ready for one of the most important days in your life and then forget your shoes? Idiot. If I was a Head Coach in attendance, I would have collected up my guys and walked out to go get lunch, perhaps a nice genuine Texan steak. Because I'm not standing around watching you make excuses about why you kept falling over because of the cleats in the replacement shoes. I don't buy it. The minute I hear that you forgot to bring your shoes to your pro day, then I'm taking you off my board. Completely. What the hell use to me is a kid who can remember to bring along his "entourage" but can't remember his damn shoes? It just astounds me the level of stupidity that some people possess. Have a great day everyone. And don't forget your shoes.

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