Friday, March 19, 2010

A profusely witty title

-- TE Alge Crumpler, formerly of the Titans, has now been scooped up by New England. The Pats needed a replacement for the departing Ben Watson and Chris Baker and Crumpler is not a bad fit. There's a question to be answered over his pass catching abilities, especially in a pass orientated offense such as New Englands, but the boost he might give to their run game (think about how well he blocked for Chris Johnson last season) could open up new avenues for the Patriots, should they finally decide to supplement their passing attack with a proper ground game. -- Ndamukong Suh is due to visit the Lions for a private work out this week, following in the wake of Russell Okung and Gerald McCoy. As time passes, Suh seems less and less likely to end up in Detroit, so this visit might be a key chance for him to impress HC Jim Schwartz. And with Sam Bradford due to work out with the Redskins at some point before the draft (though he'll likely be gone by the time they pick at 4), more questions are being raised than answered at this point about how the draft will pan out. Increasingly the likes of Eric Berry have also been moving up draft boards of late, throwing top ten pick predictions into disarray. What looked like a very pedestrian draft just a few weeks ago is suddenly becoming very interesting. -- Charlie Whitehurst has completed his move from San Diego to Seattle. The compensation is complicated, but as I understand it the Seahawks have swapped second round picks with the Chargers and given them a third rounder in 2011. That's quite the jump for the Chargers, who will probably feel that they can find a starter with that second round pick, whereas Whitehurst was a mere third string QB. What makes this deal even more puzzling is that the Seahawks are rumoured to have given Whitehurst a two year, $8-million deal plus incentives. And let's not forget, this is someone who has never thrown a pass in an NFL game. The Seahawks picked him up based purely on evaluation of pre-season tape. And will Whitehurst even start or will he backup Matt Hasselbeck? I think the Chargers have definitely got the better end of this deal. In fact, the amazing thing about the Chargers is that they've had a great offseason.... without actually really doing anything. Odd. -- San Francisco 49ers GM Scot McCloughan is reportedly going to have many of his duties removed and given to other staff in the organisation. But he hasn't been fired..... yet. My guess is that this is either one of those "if we nudge him, he'll jump him" kind of things, or that his role is merely being streamlined to optimise his time and talents. Of course there is a third option; Jed York is on one of his crazy adventures again, like trying to move one of the most famous and successful franchises in the league from it's proper home to Santa Clara, and is now planning to move into the GM role himself. Please don't Jed. But we do need a new GM. The 49ers have been woeful for many years now and much of that has to do with the constant tinkering with the coaching staff. We need someone to come in and stabilise the ship. -- A while ago I saw an unexpected spike in readership and at first had no real explanation for it. Then yesterday, while doing some self research, I stumbled across a link to my blog on another blog, that of the man known simply as Brophy, a legend (of sorts) on the Coach Huey forums, who I regularly see making informative and useful comments around said forum. I so, I shall return the favour by offering a link to his blog for those that haven't seen it already. Of particular note is his use of video (which I still haven't figured out) and his talent for drawing play diagrams (which I can do, just can't figure out how to get them into the site). Anyway, here it is: Well, that's all for today I'm afraid, not much kicking about in the football world and I fear that with most of the best of this free agency class done, it could get a little dry for football news in the next few weeks even as the draft looms ever closer. Probably a good time then to look at how the world of medicine can help your draft process..... Have a nice day.

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