Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More like Charlie Chaplain

-- So I don't get it. The big knock on any small RB like Reggie Bush, Darren Sproles or Chris Johnson is that they're too small to a) pass block, b) run between the tackles and c) carry the ball more than 10 times a game. At some point, they've all been variously projected as only being capable of filling a role that amounts to being a specialist; returning a punt or kick off here, playing a little slot receiver there. Except that now they've all a) learnt to use cut blocks to take down linebackers, b) proven that their explosive burst is enough to help them squeeze through tight spots and c) managed to repeatedly carry the ball for more than 10 times in a game, as well as playing special teams, without snapping in half. And yet when appearing on NFL Network, former Houston Texans GM Charley Casserly commented that he believes RB prospect Dexter McCluster will be no more than, you guessed it, a specialist, maybe doing some returns and playing as a slot receiver. I can understand when people have disagreements over how good certain players will be or what's the best way to utilize a player, and sometimes both sides have a valid point, but this is just pure stupidity. God only knows why this idiot is part of NFL Networks path to the draft crew. I hope McCluster saw his comments and uses them as a suitable motivation to excel, and to prove that Casserly knows as much about drafting prospects as I do about cooking. -- Could the Browns be after a QB in the draft? Could they even move up to number 1 to take Bradford? It's possible. They've got the picks to do it. But I wouldn't recommend it. They could probably get someone like Tebow in the second round and with their various needs, mainly defensively, I think they could use those picks to stockpile some talent to rebuild their franchise with. Maybe comeback next year for a QB. See personally I wouldn't have let Quinn go, but you get that growing feeling every day that Mangini is going to be a patsy for this year, allowing Holmgren to install his version of the West Coast Offense while Mangini takes the flack if it all goes wrong, then Holmgren steps in as the saviour next year when everything's ready to make a decent run. -- I mentioned Tebow and tomorrow he gets to show off his new motion in Florida at the Gators pro day (and Joe Haden gets a chance to clock a better 40). But the general feeling around many people in the league and press is that Tebow wont be able to improve his draft stock, just break even. Now if that's the case then the question has to be asked, what was the f%*$ing point in complaining about his throwing motion? If he fixes it and that doesn't make a difference, then obviously teams aren't really that bothered about it. So why was he asked to fix it? Why was it ever mentioned? That was supposed to be the one knock against him, the reason he wasn't projected as a first rounder. And yet now he's fixed it, people still aren't interested? This is what makes me laugh/cry sometimes about NFL personnel people. At least have a bit of consistency with your arguments. Personally I think Tebow is destined to be a great player in the NFL. His work ethic, natural physical ability and leadership skills will serve him immensely. -- Ja Marcus Russel has apparently lost weight in preparation for this coming season. The point is, he shouldn't have been carrying it in the first place. -- Matthew Stafford is believed to have been involved to some degree with the Lions free agency acquisition of WR Nate Burelson, having urged the team to pick him up and even called Burleson to encourage him to sign. That's all good news as far as Lions fans are concerned. It means Stafford is interested in winning and in trying to move the team forward. It also shows that he's not about to sit around on his butt and just wait for it to happen, he wants to pro-actively pursue the dream. Nice. -- It was interesting listening to interviews of the two Eagles backup QB, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. While Kolb emphasised trying to win the starters job and being a team player etc, Vick was talking about trying to help the team win "whether it's this team or another team.." hint, hint. I think someone wants out! And to be honest, a second round pick in exchange for a guy like Vick is really not that bad. He throws a great pass, he's mobile and he's hungry to get back in the saddle and to try and win games. There are a lot worse guys out there. -- Joey Porter is rumoured to be meeting with the Washington Redskins on Thursday. Like that move if they make it. The Redskins want to run a 3-4 scheme and with Albert Haynesworth already lined up to fill the NT position and dominate the center, Porter makes sense as a fast and savvy outside rusher that just makes the Redskins D even more deadly. -- RB Mike Bell has agreed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles which the New Orleans Saints now have 7 days to match. Though Bell is a restricted free agent, as I understand it the Saints didn't put a tender on him, meaning that they will get zero compensation if a move goes through. The Saints already have the tandem of Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush, so will likely let Bell leave. And if the Eagles get him, he instantly makes that offense better, providing a one-two punch with current RB LeSean McCoy. Bell has the added benefit of moving from one WCO to another, so the terminology and play design will already be familiar to him. That's all for today. See you guys tomorrow, and wherever you are, whatever you're doing, have a nice day.

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