Monday, March 08, 2010

A gripping tale

-- Not a huge amount to report at the minute. Scott Fujita, the LB from New Orleans has been scooped up by the Browns, which to be fair, was something they desperately need. The mere fact that Fujita has been to a Superbowl will likely earn the respect of many in the locker room. -- Brandon Marshall has been visiting in Seattle. Seattle could use a receiver like Marshall, but they probably just want to get a handle on his personal problems and find out straight from horses mouth what the deal is with his conduct. That's the only thing that's really standing in the way of them parting ways with their first round pick, which is number 6 overall. Given the money that top ten picks demand these days, coupled with their alarming propensity to turn out as abject failures, this would be a good move by the Seahawks. -- Something odd happened to today. I was watching some cut ups of Javen Snead, the QB coming out Ole Miss, and my eyes were drawn to his grip. After a crazed, coffee fueled session lasting a few hours that involved repeatedly shouting and bashing various inanimate objects, I had finally watched enough film to spot a weird trend. Most QB coming out of College now use a grip that involves them placing the middle finger of the throwing hand just above the laces, while leaving the ring and little fingers on the laces themselves. Meanwhile most pro QB (Including Favre, Brees, Warner and P. Manning) seem to place the middle finger a little higher, with the ring finger sitting just above the laces and the little finger on them. Two questions instantly come to mind: 1) Why are nearly all the pros using the same grip while all the College guys use a different one? 2) Why can't I watch football without noticing these things and then spending an inordinate amount of time researching them?

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