Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Here endeth the lesson

So that's it, combine is done now. The DBs have finished and now I've had a chance to look at them, here's my thoughts on the final group: -- Taylor Mays was clocked unofficially going as fast in the 40-yard dash as 4.26. Officially his time was slower, but having seen a slow motion ghost capture of him running against Jacoby Ford, I don't see how, the two were separated by mere hundredths of a second not tenths. In addition to his speed, Mays did well in the drills (remember my comments earlier about watching the ball into the hands? That applies here) and with his physicality when he gets to the ball, Mays is looking very good to go on and become an impact player. -- Devin McCourty also impressed today. He played both corner and some safety in high school before becoming a bona fide corner in college at Rutgers. Kid looks good, may slip under the radar for a bit, maybe creep into the second round thanks to all the hype around guys like Hayden and with all the strong players at other positions. McCourty in the second round is a good little pick I think. -- So what have we learnt over the last few days? Err, not a lot to be honest. All the guys we thought were going to be good were. Maybe a few red flags popped up, but nothing huge. Now it's back to the film rooms across the nation as coaches and scouts check, double check and triple check on the players they're interested in, while maybe having a second look at some of the guys who previously hadn't made many ripples. -- Ever wondered what your favourite player gets paid? Now you can find out!! Kind of. I found a link on to their database of player salaries, but it should be noted that the accuracy of their data is not entirely verifiable as it's been taken from a number of sources, some of which may not include all the various little things that end up in players contracts. But it gives you a good idea. Here's the link: Thanks for checking in.

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