Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Group 10

Group 10 just finished their field drills and there were four guys who made a mark in my humble estimation. -- Eric Berry, as you might expect, was very solid. The difference between him and the other DBs was light and day. Footwork, speed, hands, agility, he just lit that whole session up. -- Joe Haden is being touted as the top prospect at CB coming into this draft (as NFL.com decided to remind us... by interrupting the live drills to show a promo piece on him). Honestly, I thought he ranked alongside A.J. Jefferson as one of the two worst guys in this drill. Drops, bad feet, lazy attitude, neither of these two really did themselves a favour. -- Both Chris & Kam Chancellor performed well. They were solid overall and I particularly liked the way they were always watching the ball into their hands. That small point of technique is not only important for making interceptions, but it tells me that they've taken the time to learn their trade and practice it until it's instinctive. Nice work. -- Aside from Eric Berry, Kendrick Lewis was a guy who stood out from the pack. He was consistently giving it his all through the drills and apart from one drop he had a very good outing. Nice footwork and agility. And just to make sure I ram the point home, NFL.coms coverage of the combine has been awful. I don't know who they hired as cameramen, or what the director was doing when he was supposed to be organising the show, but it was a joke. Actually it was worse than that, because I wasn't laughing at how bad it was, I was getting mad. Points of interest for next year. When the guys are doing drills, point the camera at them, put your graphic on screen somewhere where it doesn't obstruct our view of their footwork, and then keep the camera on them. I don't wanna see pictures of guys walking to the start of a drill and if you're going to give us an explanation of the drill, how about you run the VT (with sound this time) BEFORE the drill, not during it! The whole point of showing the workouts is that's what people want to see and nothing short of some major catastrophe or breaking news should interrupt that!

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