Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marshalling a trade.

-- Apparently talks between the Seattle Seahawks and WR Brandon Marshall are getting serious. The trouble is that the Seahawks haven't done much talking with the Broncos about compensation for any move. By all accounts, the Seahawks are looking for a 1st round pick and nobody seems willing to give that up for Marshall. Which to me, makes zero sense. Are you really telling me that you're going to go out in the draft and pick up a better player than Marshall with your 1st round pick, let alone a better receiver? Dream on. -- Along with many of the new proposals this offseason, one important one has been the idea put out that the league is trying to schedule as many divisional matches as possible in Week 17, with the ideal being all of that weeks games as division clashes. The theory is that teams will not rest starters against divisional opponents, which honestly sounds a little ambitious. A team that has won the division already is unlikely to change their plans based on their opponent. But what it hopefully will do is put together more teams that are fighting one another for divisional titles and Wildcard spots. This is one of those moves that has something useful to gain and not really a lot to lose, the kind of things the NFL should be looking at more often. -- An unnamed individual on a coaching site I frequent believes that kicking should be removed from football full stop. Proof that some people should just not be allowed to comment through obvious lack of brain power and common sense. -- The big buzz of the day has been surrounding Donovan McNabb. Various reports have noted interest in McNabb, the front runners seeming to be Arizona, Oakland, Buffalo and St. Louis, the latter of whom have reportedly offered a trade involving their 2nd round pick and safety Oshiomogho Atogwe (say that quickly three times). Many would doubt the wisdom of letting go of McNabb, but that's the whole point of having the depth at the QB position that the Eagles do. Why else do you have Kolb except to cultivate him as the QB of the future? McNabb is 33 now and if you trade him then you get a) A safety who can go some way to replacing Brian Dawkins and shoring up your defense, and b) you get the first pick in the second round of the draft this year. There are plenty of good players who will be left on the board by then and the Eagles would have the first choice of these. That McNabb deal sounds like a blessing to me. Will the Eagles bite? You never know in the funny world of Andy Reid. Have a great day everyone.

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