Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another chip on my shoulder

Starting off today with news that Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin has received a two-year extension that will see him through the end of the 2012 season, with an option for another year after that. It's estimated that the deal could be worth around $5 million per year. Which segues nicely into the news that Elvis Dumervil has signed a 5 year extension to his deal, worth approximately $61.5 million dollars (all new money). Dumervil lead the league in sacks last year with 17. But what has surprised most people and been the talk of the various news columns is that Dumervil didn't pout, didn't hold out and didn't spend the last few months telling the press about how great he is and why he should be paid the top dollars. He simply put his head down and worked for his money. Proof, if ever it was needed, that there is no need for hold outs. Those who deserve to get paid will get paid in due course. ---- Lombardi watch continues with his article on red and blue chip players, this time focusing on the NFC. Start with Adrian Wilson of the cardinals ranked as a red chipper. The guide for the article describes blue chippers as being in the top 10 at their position. I think Wilson would have a really good shout at being in the top 10 of all strong safeties. He's not a huge name or a guy that makes the headlines, but when you watch the Cardinals and I mean really watch them, Wilson makes a huge impact on that team. I think he's worthy of blue chip status (let's put it this way, Darren Sharper is listed as blue chip and I'd take Wilson over Sharper). Oh what's this Michael "Bill Walsh once said" Lombardi, RB Michael Turner as a red chipper? WTF man? Turner is pretty much a top 5 at his position. At least, for most people he is. Greg Olsen as a Red Chipper? So not one of the top 10 Tight Ends? Is this even for the whole league or just the NFC? Miles Austin, blue chip. Now, don't get me wrong here, I like Miles Austin. I really like Miles Austin and even though I hadn't started this blog before the start of last season, I called Austin to have a good year to a friend. But to me a blue chipper needs more than just one season of really good numbers. Two at the minimum. Ok Michael, so Greg Olsen is not a blue chipper, but Jermichael Finley is? Get outta here. This is my favourite though: "No Reggie Bush, no Jeremy Shockey, no Pierre Thomas? Have I lost my mind?" Yes, quite clearly. Maybe not blue chippers, but Shockey is easily a red, Thomas could make red pending the result of a lengthy and heated debate, and Bush might make Red based on potential. The last two are very much fringe for Red chip status, but Shockey should be in there. None of the Giants D-line get red chips? None of them? They didn't exactly light up the world last year, but there must be some Giants love in there somewhere. Leonard Weaver, FB for the Eagles; blue chip. That's actually a hell of a shout right there. And you know what, I give up after that. When I start agreeing with Michael Lombardi on something it usually means I've been drinking too much coffee and staying up too late. Have a great day everyone.

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