Friday, July 09, 2010

Pierced off

-- Antonio Pierce, a driving force at the Mike LB spot for the Giants in recent years has now retired. Pierce, who won a Super Bowl with the Giants in 2007, will continue his association with football as he begins a new career path as an NFL analyst for ESPN and I wish him all the best. -- Now, time to level a beef at the NFL Network, in this case: Charles Davis. Listing his top five wide receivers in the game, he failed to mention Wes Welker. Then the floor was thrown open for Jamie Dukes to come in, and still no Welker! I appreciate that Welker doesn't have the lengthy career that some others have but Welker is, to use a phrase I hate "the straw that stirs the drink". Third down Welker. Fourth down Welker. Need easy yards? Welker. Need a tough catch over the middle? Welker. Need someone to step up and make something happen offensively? Welker. The guy is a pass catching, run after the catch machine right now. I think Welker makes my top five easily. And Jamie.... Chad Ochocinco got some love, but not Welker? I'm disappointed. Have a great day everyone.

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