Friday, July 16, 2010

Take your supplements

Supplemental draft time and I can already see people falling out of their chairs with excitement. That might just be too much whisky though, I'm not sure. Anyway, two players were taken in the end. RB Harvey Unga went to the Bears in the seventh round and the Cowboys took DT Josh Price-Brent, also in the seventh round. This means that both teams will sacrifice their seventh round picks in next years draft. -- Not sure why, but I'm having doubts about my early pick for the Jets to win their division, even if they get all the players having contract disputes to start. Just can't help looking at the Dolphins and thinking they might be ready to steal the Jets thunder, and that maybe the Jets losing in the AFC Championship game wasn't so much them not reaching their potential as it was them over achieving in the first place. Something to ponder I think. Have a great day everyone.

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