Monday, July 19, 2010

Digging for relics...

Wellllll, I've only had about 4 hours sleep after a 24 hour awake slog so I'm off to bed. Just time to quickly point your eye to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress has been visiting a museum to look at an ancient mummy.... In all seriousness though, I do love Brett Favre. His combination of a 'strong arm' (for want of a better phrase) and accuracy is a joy to watch, as is the mere fact that he's even able to throw the ball with any consistency given his throwing motion, which is about as smooth as the wall of a particularly rocky and jagged canyon. I hope Favre comes back. You get the impression that he still has unresolved business, especially with the Saints, and I just love watching the guy play. Come on Brett, one more year. --- Chris Johnson is in for a temporary pay day. It appears he's had part of his current deal reworked to give him some cash upfront while the details of a longer deal can be mashed out. It could be argued that Johnson has a case when the NFL Offensive Player of the Year says that he wants to be paid as such, but there are two sticking points. First off, sinking money into Running Backs is simply something that most NFL teams are not inclined to do. Two, he did indeed have a fantastic year last year, but with defensive coordinators sitting down to make plans for stopping him, the question does have to be asked as to whether the Titans can expect similar production from Johnson over the course of the next 3 or 4 years? Chances are that he had a fantastic year, but will find it difficult to repeat that great feat on a consistent basis. Anyway, I need sleep. Must snooze. Snoozy, snooze. Have a great day everyone.

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