Saturday, July 17, 2010

I hate Microsoft (as well as the Panthers)

Suffice to say, I'm pretty pi$$ed off right now. I just typed out an article only to have Internet explorer 'stop working' which led to my entire computer crashing. If someone is reading this and you know Bill Gates or you have access to someone who works at Microsoft, can you please instruct them to remove their fingers from their collective a$$es and fix this damn thing already. Ever since the last update they did, I've never known a piece of software to be so incapable of performing the basic tasks for which it was designed. It's like Brandon Jacobs from last year. Anyway, to now cut a long story short, what happened to NFL.coms Pat Kirwan? I suspect the real Pat Kirwan has been abducted by NFL elves. I remember the days when Kirwan used to write insightful articles that gave us a different and enlightened perspective on the various goings on around the league. Now? All his articles seem to do two things: 1) State the obvious 2) Subtly Cheerlead for whatever the latest pet line is that the NFL wants to push to the fans. I mean really Pat, you interview someone and all you have to share with us is that Jay Cutler needs to stop throwing interceptions. Well, that's a stunning revelation! You need only read the comments section after each of his posts to see a stream of fans complaining about the same thing; that Kirwan has become the master of stating the obvious. Add to that the fact that Kirwan has now written a number of articles that ostensibly are about thinsg like pass protection, but in reality just seem to be thinly veiled efforts to espouse to people why spread style attacks are the new 'West Coast Offense', must have accessory. It just seems so cheap and tacky now, like he's filling out a directive from head office. But anyway, I need to sleep. I won't be here tomorrow so no post, but then the collective NFL news scene seems to die each Saturday anyway so no loss. On a side note, if your into twitter you can now follow me at (not that I really update much). You can also follow this blog by clicking on the follow thingy to the right somewhere, I think you get updates when I post or something. I know you need a blogger account at the very least. You can also leave comments or you can now e-mail me suggestions/questions/comments/feedback/abuse at Have a great weekend everyone.

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Teoita said...

Go for firefox or chrome :)

And, my favourite Kirwan is "hey, the worst 6 defenses in the nfl have to improve or their team will suck". ORLY??