Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Assassin

We start with the sad news that Jack Tatum has passed away, aged 61. It's reported that Tatum suffered a heart attack while in an Oakland hospital. Nicknamed "The Assassin", Tatum played safety for the Raiders from 1971 to 1979 before finishing his career in Houston. He earned his nickname for his ferocious hits, one of which left Patriots WR Darryl Stingley paralysed. Tatum was involved in another famous play, possibly the most famous of all time, "The Immaculate Reception", breaking up a pass from Terry Bradshaw to Frenchy Fuqua, only for the ball to deflect into the hands of Franco Harris who took it in for a last gasp score. Tatum had been battling a number of health issues in recent years, including Diabetes. Ok. Good news for Jacksonville (finally) as they've now found a sponsor for their home field. EverBank is a financial services company based in Jacksonville and reportedly has assets worth in excess of $11 billion. The deal is expected to generate around $5 million in extra revenue per year for the Jaguars. Their stadium will now be known as EverBank Field. And yes, I couldn't skip the news story of the day. Terrell Owens has finally found a home, signing a one year deal with the Cincinnati Bengals. The deal is believed to contain around $2 million of guaranteed money, with another $2 million based on incentives. Owens is the latest addition to a receiving corps that already boasted names like Chad Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant & Andre Caldwell. It's starting to get a little congested now on the Bengals receiving roster, especially with two rookies brought in through the draft, but I guess this makes a positive change for the Bengals. It remains to be seen how well Carson Palmer can connect with this group (can you sense the doubt already?). Have a great day everyone.

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