Sunday, July 25, 2010

A day for reflection I think

First off, sombre news. Kaye Cowher, the wife of former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher, has died of skin cancer, aged 54. As well as her husband, she is survived by her three daughters. Kaye is well know among the Steelers organisation for the part she played in supporting Cowher throughout his career, including after his four AFC Championship game defeats prior to winning a Super Bowl. It's at moments like these that we are reminded of those unsung heroes and heroines behind the scenes who ultimately contribute to the success of a team. Anyone who wishes to make a charitable donation on Kayes behalf can do so by following the link provided to the website for 'Family Resources of Pennsylvania', a charity that helps to combat child abuse in Western Pennsylvania. Ok. Next up, Dez Bryant. Now as I'm sure long time readers will be aware, I was on the bandwagon that was dumping criticism on Bryant left, right and center. But I have to be honest with you, there is nothing more satisfying in these cases than when a player turns around and proves everyone wrong, even if that includes me. And that is exactly what Dez is doing. The word coming out of Dallas over the last few months is that he has worked his butt off to get into shape and prepare himself for the season. He's worked hard in OTAs. He got his deal wrapped up prior to training camp, being the first of the first rounders to sign. And then today it emerges that he was first on the field for training camp. Now that, THAT is how it's done. That's how you answer your critics. You keep your mouth closed and you shut everyone else up with your actions. Very impressive so far Mr. Bryant. I nod in respect to you sir. Keep up the good work. Turning to New York now and the Giants have signed free agent Linebacker Keith Bulluck. The 33 year old spent ten seasons in Tennessee as a member of that formidable Titans defense. He will likely step in and replace Antonio Pierce, who has now retired through injury. It's a key acquisition for the Giants, putting some experience and some run stopping bulk right in the heart of their defense. And speaking of free agents, the market for Terrell Owens might be picking up, or not, depending on who you speak to. The Bengals and the Rams appear to be top of a list that could include the Buccaneers and potentially a few more unnamed teams (Panthers? (hate 'em)). But the Rams don't seem to be too keen, as a Rams source told NFL Networks Jason LaCanfora that any reports about their aggressive pursuit of Owens were "over zealous". Owens himself has said he would like to sign with a team that has a shot of making the play offs (*hint: Bengals), but then beggars can't be choosers. I've said it before and now I'm going to say it again; I think Owens is worth a shout. A one year deal is all he'll likely get, but that's enough for him to step in and make something happen. Whether it's boosting a club with play off hopes or just raising a team like the Rams out of abject mediocrity, Owens can still help. Have a great day everyone.

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