Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bug in the system

-- All I'm saying is this; if I was the NFL network I'd be taking Akamai to task for the crappy quality of their video services on Videos that take an age to load, videos that have to stop and completely reload themselves just because you clicked back a few seconds. The classic "double take" glitch, where the video randomly jumps back a half second like it couldn't believe what the current speaker just said. It's a damn nightmare, and from such a big company, it just looks shoddy. -- Ok, so it wasn't all I'm saying in this blog. I'm also going to throw out some Matt Schaub love. Because (yes, grammar, I know) Jamie Dukes did his run down of his top five QBs in the league and I was distraught to see McNabb at number 5 and yet no Schaub. I feel for the guy, I do. He plays on a team that thinks defense is something that the government provides and yet he still does great work. He kicked McNabbs butt in every catergory except interceptions last year, and I believe even then the difference was by two. And no, Schaub hasn't been to a championship game, but then he never had the late, great Jim Johnson coordinating the defense on his team. If we're talking about straight up numbers and skills, who is the best QB, Schaub wins it. And he still has a longer career ahead of him to go win the big one. Have a great day everyone.

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Kevin said...

Totally agree on the video problem. Unacceptable for them. I don't even frequent that section of the site because of it.
As you see on brophy's site, he is talking about the zone read...what's your take on it and will more teams (which teams) do you see using it next season?