Saturday, July 03, 2010

R.I.P Don Coryell

-- First off, doff your hats gentlemen to Coach Don Coryell, who passed away Thursday aged 85. Coreyll had a big impact on football as it's played today. Both Norv Turner and Mike Martz use a scheme now widely known as the "air coryell offense", so it could be said that without Coryell we would not have seen the "Greatest Show on Turf". Despite making the ballot for the 2010 Hall of Fame induction, Coryell was not chosen to enter Canton (much to my disappointment, as long time readers will remember). Some in the footballing community were much less polite with their vocal outrage, a testament to how strongly many feel about the issue and to how deserving Coach Coryell is of the honor. The game fundamentally changed because of coaches like Don Coryell and his legacy will be remembered for many years to come. God bless you Don. -- Now, Brett Favre has been seen throwing to high school kids at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Oh yes, a return is on the cards! Obviously this isn't a guaranteed sign that the one million year old man will play another season, but it is a huge step - at least in Favre terms - towards coming back. If he returns, I think that makes it Favres 20th year in the league. And you know what, he'll still be just as good as he was 10 years ago. -- Speaking of old men, Dre Bly is back in Detroit. Bly signed a two year deal with the Lions. -- Speaking of signings, Tim Toone. Know who he is.... ? Well done Lions fans, he is of course Mr. Irrelevant 2010. The Wide Receiver has just been celebrating Mr. Irrelevant week in Newport Beach, California and then dropped in to the studios of NFL networks 'NFL Total Access', where he put pen to paper on his rookie deal, live on air. Pretty sure that's a first and my congratulations to Mr. Toone for joining the league. -- Despite promising myself I would never join twitter... you can now follow me on twitter. There's a feed thing for it on the right of the page (when it loads) or you can go to twitter and hunt me down by searching for KTCMoving. I hate technology, almost as much as the Panthers. -- And if you can see my Twitter feed, you'll noticed that I've purchased a copy of 'Finding the Winning Edge' by Bill Walsh. Oh yeah!!! I was meandering over to Brophy football ( when I noticed he'd done a post citing an excerpt from the book. So I went to amazon and had a look at the book that's been sitting in my saved list for god knows how long. I looked at it. Considered it. I went and made a cup of tea (I've down graded from coffee). Then I looked at again. Then I just thought, 'what the hell' and purchased myself a copy of this rare beauty. And yes, if that book fails to arrive, is damaged, or has pages missing etc, I will kill someone at the book store that sent it. Have a great day everyone.


Kevin said...

Yeah, I was getting excited for the Lions but then these two signings bug me. They won't have much impact either way (I am hoping)...but just questionable. Might have something to do with the DUIs that are happening in the management up there.

Chris said...

I don't mind Dre Bly. He adds experience to the secondary and can teach a few of the guys about what it takes to become a pro bowler. On the field? Probablly wont make a huge impact.