Wednesday, July 07, 2010


-- Well, Michael Vick has dodged a bullet (sorry, I couldn't resist) in the case surrounding a shooting near a nightclub in Virginia Beach where Vick was celebrating his 30th birthday. Police have discovered the identity of the shooter, but cannot release his name for legal reasons. No charges are expected to be brought, as both the victim and numerous eye witnesses have refused to testify. Vick himself has been cleared by police of any wrong doing. The question now remains as to what action the Eagles will take regarding Vick. Though in the clear, it is still possible that the Eagles might release Vick, having warned the player they would have little tolerance for any further incidents or brushes with the law. -- JaMarcus Russell may be without a contract right now, but bizarrely he could have a big influence on future contract negotiations in the NFL. As agents and teams sit down to start looking at rookie contracts, in particular the first round picks, teams will be keeping one eye on the arbitration taking place between Russell and the Raiders, as the Raiders seek to recoup some of the large sums of money paid out to Russell. In particular, teams and agents will be interested in the arbitrators ruling on the guaranteed sums in Russells contracts. Have a great day everyone.

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