Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Missing in Action

We start with Montario Hardesty, the Browns second round draft pick. The RB became the latest rookie to sign up, with a four year deal. Someone who hasn't signed appears to be Chargers 1st round pick Ryan Matthews. Matthews becomes the latest on a list of expected holdouts for the Chargers. And someone who definitely wont be at training camp is Sergio Kindle, the Ravens first round pick. Kindle is reported to have fallen down a flight of stairs and fractured his skull. He wont be allowed to travel for around three weeks, and from there expect the Ravens to treat Kindle with a great deal of caution. In a reverse of the above events, there is news of someone who could be in training camp. Terrell Owens ladies and gentlemen. The Bengals have finished being coy and it appears they are now outright open about the possibility of signing Owens. A lot of it will come down now to contracts, but if they get him then watch out for the Bengals passing attack this year. It should, in theory, have all the tools. That said, if Carson Palmer can't make this group go then there truly is no helping him. And lastly, Dez Bryant. By now I'm sure you've all heard the story but I'll recap for those that haven't. At the end of the first Cowboys practice, Roy Williams went to Dez Bryant and tried to hand him his pads, expecting the rookie to carry them back to the locker room for him, kind of a ritual. Except Bryant said no. Cue uproar from every Veteran from the East to West coast. How dare Bryant refuse!! The only person who seemed to not actually be bothered by it was.... Roy Williams. And surprisingly, I'm on Bryants side with this one. Maybe I'm just preaching here, but one of the things that came up repeatedly in Bill Walshs "Finding the Winning Edge" was the fact that he wouldn't tolerate hazing rituals, as the only purpose they really serve is to demean the rookie and boost the ego of the Vets. I've heard a lot of talk about respect, but I think Bryant is right in his posture that he should be earning his team mates respect through his play on the field. Ultimately I think had this been any other rookie, at any other ball club, there wouldn't have been so much made of it. But people are looking for reasons to pounce on Bryant, especially after his good work so far has proved wrong our earlier expectations that he would fail. I think Bryant is the victim here, not the perpetrator. Have a great day everyone.

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Kevin said...

Wade is a joke, he won't ever compare to the type of coach that demands that type of moral code in my opinion. He is one of the least impressive coaches that I have ever heard talk. Granted I don't know much outside of interviews and media clips, but compared to other coaches...he's "weak".