Thursday, July 15, 2010

Full of win.

As you might have noticed from my Twitter update to the right (over there >>> somewhere) my copy of 'Finding The Winning Edge' by Bill Walsh has arrived. I was impressed to find that it's in basically mint condition. Over 500 pages of high quality material from one of the best coaches in the history of the game. Given the cost of this book and the breadth of subjects covered compared to the cost of multiple coaching seminars, I think it's a good value pick up if you can get a copy. Credit to BetterWorldBooks as well for the rapid delivery and the accurate description of this second hand gem. But enough of that. The Green Bay Packers have opened up their books for their last financial year, naturally drawing much attention from both the league and the NFLPA who are still yet to come close to an agreement on a new CBA. Being a Publicly owned company, the Packers are obliged to release details of their financial dealings, which show a decrease in operating of over 50%. A big part of this is naturally their increased labour costs, which have once again grown by nearly 12%, while total revenue went up by only about half that much. In laymans terms, the Packers are bringing in more cash, but spending much more of that money on players. I've heard the current business model described as "unsustainable". Which it is. As I've already mentioned in the past, profit making organisations exist to make profits, not to scrape even. The players are toying with fire. There are 32 teams, each lead by an experienced business professional. These individuals got to where they are by being sound in business matters. They simply are not going to accept the players demands. A players strike will do nothing. It's doomed to end with the players buckling and coming back to work, diminishing their bargaining position in the process. I hope for the sake of all; teams, players, fans, that the NFLPA realises this sooner rather than later and cashes in while they still can. Have a great day everyone.

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