Monday, August 23, 2010

Cardinals @ Texans

First order of business is to lodge a complaint with the NFL Network. I like watching their "highlights" segments if only because they rarely turn out to be highlights. Some of the plays and things they show (and some of the stuff they miss out!) is mind boggling. In particular I'd like to wave my electronic finger in the direction of Vikings @ 49ers highlights. Now I know that NFLN loves Brett Favre, but this was ridiculous. They didn't show fans who were tuning in the awesome bomb thrown by Nate Davis. No, the highlights consisted of a brief look at Alex Smith and Anthony Dixon, followed by EVERY snap taken by Favre. Even the ones where he just handed the ball off. And was the voice over interested in those other players? Not really. It was all about Favres ankle etc. Just.... grr. I like Brett Favre. I think he's a great player. But c'mon. This is ridiculous. Is this what it's going to be like all season long? Just one permanent Favre watch? Christ. Anyway, Cardinals at Titans: -- Cardinals @ Titans: Want a boring fact for this game? Ok, no AFC South team has won a pre-season game yet in 2010. The Titans will try and fix that with a victory over the Cardinals. Or will they? Let's be honest, pre-season is much more about testing players out in live game day situations and right now the Titans need to test their back up RBs. With LenDale White gone and Chris Johnson being a little on the small side, the possibility of extended injury is what really hangs over the Titans. Who fill the void? And even if Johnson is fit, who will back him up and relieve the load? LeGarrette Blount and Javon Ringer seem to be the front runners right now. Having watched a bit of both, I'm siding with Ringer at this early stage but that is obviously a very much up in the air statement. Again, defensively I'm intrigued by the Titans line and how it will cope with two big losses in two years (Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch). I'm also keeping my eye out for LB Rennie Curran (more on why tomorrow) (oooh, intrigue). For the Cardinals it's back to Matt Leinart. The word around seems to be that Leinart is not under any pressure right now and that this is just another pres-season game. In other news, Brett Favre will be attending all of the Vikings OTAs and the whole of training camp next year. Both Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson are fighting, let's be real clear about that. Neither has shown anything over the last two years that would inspire a huge amount of confidence in their respective performances. While the Cardinals have answers on the ground, they are still reeling to some degree at the loss of Warner (which to be fair, is the teams fault for not sufficiently planning ahead). In addition, their receivers will have a tough time against one of the better secondaries in the league, so all does not bode well for the Cardinals offense. Their defense might fare a little better. Progressively they've been getting better (but then I said that about the Texans D...) in the last few years, but again the losses at Linebacker in the off season will have hurt. Facing the Titans and their combo of running backs and Vince Young will be an excellent test. Right, I'll be back later (possibly tomorrow) to recap the game. Till then, Have a great day everyone.

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