Friday, August 13, 2010

A warm, fuzzy feeling

Right, time to run down last nights pre-season games briefly and then look ahead to tonight's match ups. Saints 24 @ Patriots 27: Could someone please tell me when Laurence Maroney became a good short yardage back? Maybe the Pats have finally found a long term role for him. All I know is that it was all kinds of fun to watch Drew Brees getting sacked. Just something about watching that clip that makes me smile. Stand out for the game was perhaps Patriots WR Julian Edelman, who caught 6 passes for 90 yards. Panthers 12 @ Ravens 17: Ahh, there's that warm feeling again. Must be something to do with the Panthers losing. Good, serves them right. Joe Flacco was impressive as the Ravens rolled out their aerial attack version 2.0. Hardly surprising though that when two solid defenses met, the sack tally went up fast. Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen looked ok and throwing an interception is practically a right of passage in Carolina. Raiders 17 @ Cowboys 9: Check out Kyle Boller going 12/21 for 148 yards and 1 TD. Not a bad start. Most impressed by the Raiders D, clocking up 6 sacks as Tony Romo did his best Aaron Rodgers impression of holding onto the ball too long. Credit to Romo though as his sole rush/scramble for 7 yards topped Marion Barbers 3 carries for 5 yards. Now to look forward to tonight's games. Bills @ Redskins: Oh Christ, I feel sorry for those of you stuck with this game. But at least you'll get to see McNabb in action. Time to start figuring out whether he can produce the goods without the stand out WR he had in Philadelphia and without the screen demon that was/is Brian Westbrook. Should be fun to see C.J. Spiller in action as well. It sure as hell isn't going to be fun watching Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm. Jaguars @ Eagles: Was Tyson Alualu worth the top ten pick? Was Brandon Graham worth moving up for in the draft? We'll get a good glimpse tonight. Keep an eye out for how relaxed and in control Kevin Kolb looks as the starter. Also expect to see a healthy dose of LeSean McCoy to help keep the pressure off Kolb at this early stage. Chiefs @ Falcons: I'm actually pretty excited about this one. Take a screenshot and frame this. I'm excited about a Chiefs game. I think they drafted well and I'm eager to see how some of those draft picks perform in their first showing. Other than the obvious Dexter McCluster and Eric Berry, I'll also be keeping an eye out for safety Kendrick Lewis. Will also be nice to see how Falcons RB Michael Turner shapes up tonight, being that he is a key part of the Falcons season. Have a great day everyone.


Teoita said...

Maroney? He became good at short yardage last season...sucky yards total, but the guy got like 8 Td's if i don't recall wrong, almost all of them in short yardage situation.

Chris said...

9 TDs in the regular season. Guess that's just one of those things that slip by unnoticed.

Must pay more attention.