Friday, August 20, 2010

Steady as she goes

Lets not waste time: -- Colts 21 @ Bills 34: It's easy to dismiss this as a pre-season result of no significance. But lets be real here; the Bills starters out played the Colts starters. Yeah I know, I'm still trying to figure it out as well. C.J. Spiller showed a flash of what he's capable of with a 31 yard run that really emphasised his superb juking and cutting ability. It was a joy to watch him dodging tackles. Joique Bell also had a big game, rushing 11 times for 80 yards and a TD. His longest carry was 12 and the TD was only 2, so you can see that his yardage was nicely spaced out. Curtis Painter meanwhile avoided a meltdown, going 5/6 for 97 yards and a TD. I can't believe I'm saying this, but he actually out played Manning. There definitely must have been something in the air in Toronto.... Good news as well for Bills fans is that it struck me their defense was getting quite a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks. On Mannings TD pass they were practically on top of him which is quite a rare thing. Proves that this league is a lot closer at times than we really give teams credit for. -- Patriots 28 @ Falcons 10: Tom Brady 10/12 for 85 yards and a TD. That's impressive work and he appeared pretty comfortable. Both rookie TEs benefited from a Patriots offense that looked coldly efficient at times, boosted by Wes Welkers two catches for 20 yards. The Patriots rushing attack didn't exactly stun but it came up with the goods when they were most needed and turned in two TDs. The Falcons were kind of the opposite. They didn't have a bad game, but there was no real punch. Everything ticked ok, but without really excelling. Michael Turner was... steady. Matt Ryan was... steady. The Falcons D was... steady. Ish. The only thing for the Pats to really worry about was their lack of pressure, pulling out just one sack. With the loss of Richard Seymour last year this has been a constant point of criticism for the Patriots and it needs to improve ahead of week 1. For the Falcons the worry is that they haven't built much momentum. Both offensively and defensively they've been pretty flat so far... steady. Have a great day everyone.

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