Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House of Cards

-- Cardinals 10 @ Titans 24: So the AFC South has finally broken it's 2010 pre-season duck. I bet they're all over the moon about that. The Titans did it solidly and comfortably. Vince Young went 9/13 for 128 yards, more than any of the Cardinals QBs did individually. Chris Johnson appeared for one drive, capping it with a TD, finishing 6 for 22-yards. Both Javon Ringer and LaGarrette Blount got their chances, with Blount coming off the better at 9 carries for 42 yards. Blounts running style also caught the eye as he powered through potential tackles with apparent ease. The star though was Samkon Gado who went for 21 yards off 7 carries with 2 TDs, marking himself out for short yardage duty. Defensively the Titans struggled to generate pressure, but at least free agent acquisition linebacker Will Witherspoon is nicely filling the void left by Keith Bulluck. Rookie Rennie Curran (remember I was keeping an eye out for him?) finished with 2 tackles and 3 assists. Offensively the Cardinals under Matt Leinart were horrid. Lienart finished 4/6 for 28 yards. Derek Anderson managed 11/19 for 105 yards and rookie Max Hall went 7/15 for 101 yards, a TD and an INT. The Cardinals barely made use of their ground game so it's tough to draw any conclusions from it, but then we know that Arizona will probably follow that method throughout the whole season (much to their detriment I imagine). Defensively the Cardinals seemed to hold up reasonably well against the pass, but against the run their tackling looked remarkably suspect. Now some of that can be attributed to the Titans running backs, but still, the Cardinals will have to make great strides in this area unless they wish to spend the season getting run over. Have a great day everyone.

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