Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hall of fame game

Hall of Fame Game tomorrow, so here's what I'm looking at: Bengals vs. Cowboys Right off the bat let's get one thing clear. I don't predict pre-season games. There's no point. Ok, down to business. The main thing I'm looking for is how Doug Free gets on at Left Tackle for the Cowboys. Providing he plays enough snaps of course. How will he deal with Antwan Odom? How will he deal with Carlos Dunlap if he gets moved to right end? Not that I'm expecting Dunlap to light up the world, just that it'll be a good test of how good Free is. He should be able to handle Dunlap at this early stage. I'm also interested in two major battles; the Cowboys running backs and the Bengals receivers. Felix Jones and Tashard Choice should both get plenty of time to prove themselves and given the debate that's taking place right now, both will be eager to impress. For the Bengals, I'm not that interested in T.O. What I am interested in is Andre Caldwell & Quan Cosby fighting it out with rookies Jordan Shipley and Dezmon Briscoe. This will likely be a battle for the number 3 spot, but with a kind of veterans versus rookies twist to it. A similar battle will be taking place on the opposite side between Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton, which also promises to be a hotly contested fight. Have a great day everyone.

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