Monday, August 16, 2010

Old, single, just wants to mingle

Winner of the "dumbest, no-comedy-intended statement of the week" goes to Alex Marvez of I'll provide the article address in a second, but just keep an eye out for the first paragraph for: "The Wildcat attack still has claws. The 3-4 defense is back in vogue. Could a return to the single-wing offense that predates the NFL itself be next?". Would this be the same single-wing offense that the Wildcat is almost completely copied from, or another single-wing that we haven't seen yet? Idiot. Here's the article: Now in the news, the Texans RB Ben Tate has been placed on the dreaded season ending injured reserve due to an ankle injury. The loss of Tate leaves the Texans back at square one with regards to an anaemic running game. -- Bills DE Aaron Schobel has officially retired. -- The 49ers have traded absentee DL Kentwan Balmer to the Seahawks for an undisclosed draft pick in 2011 (though suspected to be a sixth rounder). Balmer was a first round pick in 2008, but has recently been absent from 49ers camp without authorisation. Right, I'll be back later to run down the aftermath of the Giants/Jets game. Till then, Have a great day everyone.

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