Saturday, August 21, 2010

(Eagles @ Bengals)

-- Eagles 9 @ Bengals 22: First of all I have to apologise for my own stupidity. After wondering out loud whether the Eagles would give Mike Bell some carries.... while forgetting that Bell is injured and unlikely to carry the ball any time soon. Not that he would even if he was healthy, what with the Eagles under Andy Reid being so averse to running the football. I know I sound like a pure running cheerleader (not quite there yet), but I am a fan of running the football, mainly because it eliminates the problem of interceptions. This is perhaps a lesson both teams could have benefited from, throwing a combined 7 INTs, split 4 to the Eagles (Vick: 2, Kafka: 2) and 3 to the Bengals (Palmer: 2, O'Sullivan: 1. Notts County: 3 (I couldn't resist)). Credit to Bengals RB Cedric Peerman, who had no peer tonight (I know, it's been a slow week). Peerman had 12 carries for 47 yards and 2 TDs, with Bernard Scott running in the other TD (Peerman rushed for a two pointer after his first score) (I'm using a lot of brackets today. Not sure why). Defensively I didn't see my man Jeff Owens, or if he was out there then he managed to go completely un-noticed (remarkable given his size) (here come those brackets again). I also asked you to keep an eye out for rookie Eagles DE Brandon Graham who came up with 3 tackles and a sack, while on the Bengals side I was interested in Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins, who both individually recorded two solos, an assist and a sack (how do you individually record an assist then?). Prize for the day though goes to Bengals 2nd year corner Morgan Trent who produced a solo, an assist and three picks. All in a days pre-season work I guess. Watching Chad Ochocinco getting clocked senseless came a close second and Terrell Owens comes third for showing that his veteran experience and speed were worth every penny. I'll be back (as Arnie once said) tomorrow to preview Saturdays pre-season games. Till then... (Have a great day everyone)

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