Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curran-t affairs (god that was bad)

--Okey dokey, the other day (yesterday?) I mentioned LB Rennie Curran and that I would be keeping an eye out for him during the Cardinals @ Titans game. But why? Well, when normal people get bored, they go read a book. Or they watch television. Or they stick on a video game. Or they play a game of Monopoly with someone. Things like this. This is what normal people do. So what do I do when I get bored? I spend three days trawling through footage of Draft prospects from the 2010 class. Exciting s**t! Constantly going back and watching the clips over and over. Watching hands. Then watching feet. Then hands again. Then hips. Then the first step. And so on.... So, I thought for a change I would actually share the fruits of my boredom killing with you by presenting a list of players that I picked out from the 2010 class, who I think might go on to do rather well. Maybe this year, maybe next. Who knows? I'll be keeping a file with the names in to periodically check on over the coming few seasons. So here they are, 48 players presented in the order in which they were selected: 1st round: Trent Williams: OT, 4th overall to Washington Redskins. Eric Berry: S, 5th overall to Kansas City Chiefs. Russell Okung: OT, 6th overall to Seattle Seahawks. Tyson AluAlu: DE/DT, 10th overall to Jacksonville Jaguars. Ryan Matthews: RB, 12th overall to San Diego Chargers. Brandon Graham: DE/LB, 13th overall to Philadelphia Eagles. Mike Iupati: G, 17th overall to San Fransisco 49ers. Maurkice Pouncey: G, 18th overall to Pittsburgh Steelers. Sean Weatherspoon: LB, 19th overall to Atlanta Falcons. Demaryius Thomas: WR, 22nd overall to Denver Broncos. Bryan Bulaga: OT, 23rd overall to Green Bay Packers. Tim Tebow: QB, 25th overall to Denver Broncos. Dan Williams: DT, 26th overall to Arizona Cardinals. Kyle Wilson: CB, 29th overall to New York Jets. 2nd round: Brian Price: DT, 35th overall to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dexter McCluster: WR/RB, 36th overall to Kansas City Chiefs. Koa Misi: LB, 40th overall to Miami Dolphins. Rob Gronkowski: TE, 42nd overall to New England Patriots. Sergio Kindle: DE/LB, 43rd overall to Baltimore Ravens. Daryl Washington: LB, 47th overall to Arizona Cardinals. Taylor Mays: S, 49th overall to San Francisco 49ers. Javier Arenas: CB, 50th overall to Kansas City. Toby Gerhart: RB, 51st overall to Minnesota Vikings. Montario Hardesty: RB, 59th overall to Cleveland Browns. 3rd round: Jerome Murphy: CB, 65th overall to St. Louis Rams. Jon Asamoah: G, 68th overall to Kansas City Chiefs. Chad Jones: S, 76th overall to New York Giants. Donald Butler: LB, 79th overall to San Diego Chargers. Jordan Shipley: WR, 84th overall to Cincinnati Bengals. Colt McCoy: QB, 85th overall to Cleveland browns. Rennie Curran: LB, 97th overall to Tennessee Titans. 4th round: Mardy Gilyard: WR, 99th overall to St. Louis Rams. Everson Griffen: DE, 100th overall to Minnesota Vikings. Aaron Hernandez: TE, 113th overall to New England Patriots. Geno Atkins: DT, 120th overall to Cincinnati Bengals. Eric Norwood: LB, 124th overall to Carolina Panthers (hate 'em). Roddrick Muckelroy: LB, 131st overall to Cincinnati Bengals. 5th round: Kam Chancellor: S, 133rd overall to Seattle Seahawks. Kendrick Lewis: S, 136th overall to Kansas City Chiefs. Perrish Cox: CB, 137th overall to Denver Broncos. 6th round: Anthony Dixon: RB, 173rd overall to San Francisco 49ers. Dezmon Briscoe: WR, 191st overall to Cincinnati Bengals. Charles Scott: RB, 200th overall to Philadelphia Eagles. 7th round: Dekoda Watson: LB, 217th overall to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Syd’Quan Thompson: CB, 225th overall to Denver Broncos. Sean Canfield: QB, 239th overall to New Orleans Saints. Jeff Owens: DT, 243rd overall to Philadelphia Eagles. Undrafted: Micah Johnson: LB, currently signed by Miami Dolphins. Danario Alexander: WR, currently signed by St. Louis Rams. How many of them will make it big? I think only god (and possibly Bill Belichick & Scott Pioli) knows that. How many of them will even make a teams roster by next season? There are no guarantees in life (except toasters) so I can't say for sure, but I think all of these names listed here have a chance to go on and be very productive players. I'll be back tomorrow with a run down of the week ahead in pre-season (sort of). Till then, Have a great day everyone.

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