Monday, August 16, 2010

Here we go loop the loop

Broncos 24 @ Bengals 33: The score kind of doesn't tell the whole story here. Yes the Bengals picked up two touchdowns on the ground, but another came from an interception return and then 12 points were added through field goals, so don't go thinking the Bengals went on an offensive rampage or something. That said, they were solid. Both on the ground and through the air, the Bengals chalked up yards. I was pleased to see Bengals rookie WR Jordan Shipley get 5 receptions for 50 yards as he makes an early case for himself as a the Bengals third receiver. The Broncos didn't do too bad themselves. On the ground they struggled but aerially they did ok, with Kyle Orton bagging 2 TDs. And of course, monsieur Tebow. 8/13 for 105 yards and then 2 rushes for 10 yards and a TD. Overall he looked impressive. Yes, his long, looping wind up was there. But then I've always believed that people will use that as an excuse against him, despite the fact that many QBs get stripped every year in the NFL. Throwing wise he was fine. He could have had more yards were it not for some unfortunate dropped balls in space (you know who you are). He looked reasonably poised, accurate and had the distance on his throws. In other words he had all the things that made him a successful passer in College. I think that a lot of teams watching that will be regretting they didn't make the move in the draft (*cough* Bills). Right, that is all the weekends action done, but somehow I managed to miss the fact that the new Meadowlands stadium will be opening tomorrow night with the Giants versus the Jets, so we better have a look at that. Without doubt for me the key thing to keep your eye on will be Kyle Wilson. With the whole Darrelle Revis hold out thing going on, Wilson offers the Jets the best opportunity to seamlessly continue without him. Antonio Cromartie will hold one spot, but it's vital that Wilson can pin down the other. It'll also be interesting to see how RB Ladanian Tomlinson copes with a new O-line. Theoretically speaking he should see his yards per carry go up given the more run orientated nature of the Jets line. Theoretically.... For the Giants it's all about that front seven. Can they come out from the shadow that was cast over the group last year? Can they get back to that Superbowl form? Pre-season week 1 is their first test. With the pride of New York at stake and with a growing tension between the two teams, I have a feeling this game may be a little more tasty than most this August. Off to bed now me thinks. Have a great day everyone.

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