Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cowboys creating a Mockery.

-- Chargers RB Darren Sproles has signed a 1 year tender worth around $7 million. I like Sproles, but I'm not totally sold on him yet, at least not $7 million dollars sold. He is great in the return game, great catching out of the backfield and has learnt to pass protect, but there are still some questions about his actually ability running the football. Not sure how much of that is biased by the Chargers offensive philosophy, but still, with RB in such free availability, I'm not sure I'd wanna splash $7 million on one unless I knew he was the complete package that was going to make big contributions to my football team. -- One such RB who was freely available was Willie Parker. But not anymore. Parker has put pen to paper on a one year deal with the Washington Redskins, probably looking at just backing up Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson. Chances are, Parker will play as a third down back and see scarcely little more playing time in Washington than he did in Pittsburgh last year. Which is a shame. Parker is 29 and still has good things to bring to the table somewhere. -- The Cleveland Browns have taken a big step in shoring up their leaky defense, signing CB Sheldon Brown and LB Chris Gocong from the Eagles, in exchange for LB Alex Hall and 4th & 5th round picks in this years draft. While the trade hasn't fully resolved the Browns problems, it is a start at least. If they can snap up another DB like Eric Berry, Joe Haden or Kyle Wilson with the 7th overall selection, then we might just see the Browns start to compete a little this year. -- There's a reason I don't indulge in the whole mock draft craze until April is underway. This is one good reason why; Flozell Adams has been released by the Cowboys. Yes, that Flozell Adams. Ok so he's 35 and was due a roster bonus in the region of $2.5 million this year, but it's Flozell Adams. Let me say it one last time. Flozell Adams. What are the Cowboys thinking? You really think you're going to go and pick up a LT late in the first round who can just walk on and get it done? God no! With the Cowboys seemingly on the verge of making a run at the Superbowl (they probably have/had one of the best all round teams right now) it just makes zero sense to me to part with your starting LT. Romo must have read this and gone straight out to buy a cushion; because the dude is going to be spending a lot of time on his butt this season. Have a great Easter everyone. And yes, the mock first round draft will be coming soon...... (feel free to post yours in the comments)

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