Monday, April 12, 2010

My Turn to make a Mockery, Part 2

-- Yesterday I did a mock draft based on the way I thought teams would go, but today I want to go in a different direction and draft purely based on my own thoughts of which players each team should take, including many an upset: 1. St. Louis Rams - Brian Bulaga, OT - When you go back and look at the Rams last season, there biggest problem seems to be actually keeping their QB in the upright position. I like Bulaga, I think he's probably the best OT on the board, and I think he adds much more value to the Rams in the next few years than Sam Bradford does. 2. Detroit Lions - Gerald McCoy, DT - When you're playing the Packers, Vikings and Bears (offense under Mike Martz) twice a year, then you need to get to the QB. McCoy will bring you that pass rush. His presence in the oppositions backfield will take some of the pressure off the rest of the D. 3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ndamukong Suh, DT - The Bucs' are a team on the up. Their defense needs a guy like like Suh however to help them get into other teams backfields and start creating mischief. 4. Washington Redskins - Anthony Davis, OT - Providing the Redskins O-line remains unchanged going into the draft, I think Anthony Davis is their best upgrade, giving Donovan McNabb some protection on his backside. 5. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry, S - Berry is a player with such fantastic footwork and movement I can easily see him making the transition to corner. I think Berry is a big time upgrade for the Chiefs D. 6. Seattle Seahawks - Derrick Morgan, DE - A great pass rusher, Morgan brings speed and sacks to the Seattle D, two things they need badly. 7. Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden, CB - Even though the Browns have moved to upgrade the position in the offseason, Haden is a great athlete who brings a lot to the table for the Browns. They'll probably wait till round 2 to go for a QB. 8. Oakland Raiders - Russell Okung, OT - Part of JaMarcus Russell's problem reside on the fact that he spends more time on his butt than I do. Okung is a step in the right direction. 9. Buffalo Bills - Trent Williams, OT - The Bills have much the same problem as the Raiders. Since the departure of Jason Peters, the left side of the Bills line has looked shakey. Williams, a sound technician, comes in and steadies the ship. 10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Sergio Kindle, DE - Kindle comes in and slots right in at DE, trying to bring some pass rush to the woeful Jaguars line. If Aaron Kampman gets healthy as well, the Jaguars will improve significantly in this area. 11. Denver Broncos - Arrelious Benn, WR - Even if they keep Marshall, you have to ask yourself for how long? And who takes the coverage off Eddie Royal if Marshall leaves? Benn is the answer. 12. Miami Dolphins - Rolando McClain, LB - The loss of Porter and Taylor this offseason leaves a void too big to be filled by just Karlos Dansby. McClain makes that LB corps even stronger and gives them a serious chance to compete in the AFC. 13. San Francisco 49ers - Mike Iupati, OG - Without doubt, Iupati makes a big impact. Putting him in at either guard or RT, you instantly make the '9ers line more durable and better able to stand up to the pass rush that has so often crippled the 49ers offense in the last few years. 14. Seattle Seahawks - CJ Spiller, RB - Finally the Seahawks find a run game with Spiller, who can also come in on special teams. Spiller is a great fit for that offense and gives the 'Hawks an outside chance at the division title. 15. New York Giants - Kyle Wilson, CB - Fixes a big problem on the Giants D. Their secondary needs and upgrade, and Wilson is the best answer in the first round. 16. Tennessee Titans - Carlos Dunlap, DE - Comes in to replace Vanden Bosch and get the Titans D back on track. The Titans were awesome at the back end of last season, they just need that little extra help getting to guys like Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub. 17. San Francisco 49ers - Earl Thomas, S - Fixes a need on the 49ers D for some speed and play making ability on the back end. Could push this defense over the edge. 18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Maurkice Pouncey, C/OG - The Steelers need help in the O-line, and that's just about it. Pouncey is an instant upgrade and will help buy time for Roethelisberger to wok his magic. 19. Atlanta Falcons - Brandon Graham, DE - What do the Falcons need badly? Pass rush. And Graham gives them that. 20. Houston Texans - Dexter McCluster, RB - A great fit for their offensive scheme and hopefully takes some of the pressure off of Matt Schaub to win games by himself. 21. Cincinnati Bengals - Jermaine Gresham, TE - After scooping up Antonio Bryant during Free agency, the Bengals now need a TE to generate problems over the middle. Gresham is a great answer to that problem and makes the whole offense more dangerous in one stroke. 22. New England Patriots - Taylor Mays, S - The only thing Bill Belichick likes more than a high character player is a player who can play multiple roles. Enter Mays, who will probably end up playing some safety, some Linebacker, and if New England get their hands on him, some TE, before his NFL career is over. 23. Green Bay Packers - Charles Brown, OT - Aaron Rodgers had a bad habit of holding on to the ball too long last season, but protection was still part of the problem. Brown comes in and starts on the right, before moving to the left a year or two down the line. 24. Philadelphia Eagles - Devin McCourtney, CB - Comes in to replace Sheldon Brown and play opposite Asante Samuel. Big upgrade for the Eagles D. 25. Baltimore Ravens - Rob Gronkowski, TE - Todd Heap is getting old now and the Ravens are shifting to a more pass happy system, so it makes sense to take a solid TE this late and start building for the future. 26. Arizona Cardinals - Sean Waetherspoon, LB - Comes in to fill the role left by Dansby. With Porter on the roster as well, the Cardinals D might just be able to hold off teams enough to protect their fragile offense with it's new QB. 27. Dallas Cowboys - Vladimir Ducasse, OT - With Flozell Adams gone, Ducasse makes sense with this pick. He's got good technique and will fight all the way. 28. San Diego Chargers - Kareem Jackson, CB - Comes in to fill for the loss of Antonio Cromartie. Look for the Chargers to get a RB in the second round. 29. New York Jets - Demaryius Thomas, WR - Made a college career out of catching 5 yard passes and taking them for long gains. This gives the Jets the flexibility to use short passes that better suit Sanchez. 30. Minnesota Vikings - Dan Williams, DT - The Vikings have a thing about DT's called Williams (in the the same way the Eagles have a thing about players called "something-with-two-letters-Sean"). This Williams will be the future replacement for another. 31. Indianapolis Colts - Brandon Spikes, LB - Getting younger at a core position on defense, taking Spikes would be a smart move for the Colts. 32. New Orleans Saints - Navorro Bowman, LB - Comes in to possibly replace Scott Fujita. Another day, another mock draft done. Have a great day everyone.

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