Friday, April 02, 2010

Now, what's probably the worst thing you could carry in your hand luggage at the airport?

-- Shaun Rogers, NT for the Cleveland Browns, has been caught at an airport with a loaded handgun in his hand luggage. Proof that common sense truly isn't common. There must be something in the Kool Aid lately as players are getting themselves into perfectly avoidable trouble left, right and center at the moment. Still, apparently it was a .45 so at least he's making good choices in his selection of defensive firearms. -- Remember the name Jeff Owens. DT coming out of the University of Georgia, and predicted to go in the third or fourth round. When you watch him in games, what you see is a guy who lines up in the 3 technique and just shunts the OG back into the QB. Great at collapsing the pocket, works the outside shoulder to stay away from the center, then disengages well to make tackles. At the combine, scouts were worried about his lateral movement, but personally, I thought he had some of the best footwork in the positional drills out of all the DT. When they got the cones out, I was particularly impressed with his change of direction skills. Remember his name ladies and gentlemen. Jeff Owens. -- LaDanian Tomlinson has spoken out about his time in San Diego and criticism of his recent decline in production. LT mentioned, as I did when I put up the case for him, that the Chargers are a pass first team, and that their O-line isn't really focused on the run. Limit a guys carries and what do you expect? LT still has production left in him and in a run first offense like the Jets, he'll do just fine. The other thing he mentioned, which I completely forgot, was FB Lorenzo Neal. The partnership between RB and FB might is pretty much unique. Off the top of my head, I have difficulty thinking of another position pair where the ability of one player can so dramatically affect the play of another, without the same being true the other way around (maybe a long snapper and punter/kicker?). Neal was cut by the Chargers prior to the 2008 season and that pretty much tallies with the decline in production of LT. Further proof of the difficulty in evaluating players in Football. Have a great day everyone.

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