Monday, April 26, 2010

St. Patrick (Craytons) day

Two things I want to address today in the brief time I have: -- Patrick Crayton. Word on the street is that the Cowboys wideout has been given permission to go look for a trade. All I can say is, 'wow'. I like Crayton a lot. I think he's savvy, with safe hands and a good route runner. I actually like Roy Williams as well, but if I had to choose between the two then I'd wanna keep Crayton. There are plenty of teams out there that could do with another legitimate pass catcher, namely Miami, Buffalo, St. Louis & Chicago to just scratch the surface. Crayton is a great pick up if you can get him. -- Will Tim Tebow compete for the starting job? Why not? He's a first round pick and if we're honest, neither Brady Quinn nor Kyle Orton have covered themselves with glory so far in their careers. Of all the places in the league where a competition could take place, Denver is definitely a leading candidate. The plus side for a guy like Orton is that you know Tebow is going to push you to the limit and make you work your butt off, which can only be good for him. Have a great day everyone.

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