Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're off to see the wizard

I'm actually getting quite frustrated with the whole Kansas City thing. Lately the talk of the NFL world has turned to who had the best off season, obviously judged by looking at what players and staff were brought in during free agency plus the draft picks that teams scooped last week. And for me, Kansas is up there among the better teams this off season, joining the ranks in my not so humble opinion of Baltimore, New York (Jets), Seattle, Washington and Oakland. First consider this; Kansas supplemented it's coaching staff with both Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel. Now, are they the greatest coaches in the land at their respective positions? No, probably not. Are they an upgrade on the previous positions? Yes, I believe they are. Are they both reasonably competent and capable? Yes, they both are. Couple this with the new talent added to the team, including Thomas Jones, Eric Berry and Dexter McCluster and you have yourself a worthy candidate for most upgraded team in the off season. I'd also like to posit (if that's even a word) that the Eagles have done the same and should be allowed to hang with Kansas in the regions of "did pretty well this offseason". They've finally moved McNabb and thus ended the seemingly endless controversy over who will be under center this year. In addition they've added Brandon Graham to the D-line, who I personally think is one of the most promising rookies heading into the 2010 season. Couple that with the addition of solid rookie picks pretty much across the board and I think the Eagles, shock horror, might actually be in with a chance of going for the big one. Might... Have a great day everyone.

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