Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Put it away Steve

-- Sadly it's been a thin day for news. A thin day. But one interesting thing I came upon when I finally headed over to was this headline to an article by Steve Wyche: "Wang on brink of making history". Seriously, did nobody look at that and think "hmm, maybe we could word this better?". Gave me a chuckle though. -- It's funny how we always talk about guys getting over drafted when you consider that just over two months ago, Ndamukong Suh was the undisputed number 1 overall pick, and yet now some people have him slipping as low as 8. If the media types cant even decide on what value to place on a player, then really, how much attention should we really pay to their vaunted draft grades? -- There seems to be a growing belief that the 49ers will take either Dez Bryant or Golden Tate with the second of their first round picks. Please god. Just no. -- Charley Casserly is still being employed as a draft analyst by NFL Network. One question; why? -- There's trade talk in the air, with Albert Haynesworth the focus this time. The fact is, the Redskins have already paid Haynesworth over $25 million dollars for this season, so letting him go seems a little stupid. I'd want a return on that investment. But then hey, I wouldn't have paid his ridiculous contract demands in the first place. And who's going to take Haynesworth? Who in their right mind would take him now, knowing that they'd have to pay a fortune to sign him, only for him to start making demands about where he wants to play and how he wants to play? Seriously Mr. York, put the phone down. Put it down!! Have a great day everyone.

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