Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crash landing

-- So, after hyping for the last few days, it's just my luck that as I sit down to watch live coverage of the second and third rounds.... it's not there, thanks to some glitch that allowed multiple Mariotts adverts to load, but not the damn live stream. So I quickly gave up and whisked myself over to ESPN to follow the draft on their tracker, which was noteworthy largely because it too eventually crashed my entire computer (thanks ESPN, and no before anyone asks, my computer is not mediocre. It's not a hotshot, but it can easily handle more complex things than a chat window). And talking of chat windows, this was the other noteworthy thing, as ESPN seemed to have paid literally half the country to come and be online analysts. The top of the bunch was easily Mike Sando. I have no idea where he was at the time, but I suspect he may have been sitting in the booth where they hand over the picks as he regularly seemed to predict the teams selections while they still had time on the clock. Either that or Sando needs to start playing the lottery. -- Now sadly I don't have the time to run through all the picks in detail, so I'm going for the very brief comments on second rounders and just picking the highlights out of the third. Second Round 33. Rams. Roger Saffold, OT: Great Pick, protecting the backside of the new investment 34. Vikings. Chris Cook, CB: Anyone would thing the Vikings secondary is getting old.... 35. Buccaneers. Brian Price, DT: Erm, what about a receiver guys? Building a franchise D-line I guess. 36. Chiefs. Dexter McCluster, RB: The 2010 Kansas City Chiefs, stockpiling RB. Dumb. 37. Eagles. Nathaniel Allen, FS: Fills another need. Good drafting so far. 38. Browns. TJ Ward, FS: I don't get it? 39. Buccaneers. Arrelious Benn, WR: Ahhh... there we go. Nice pick. 40. Dolphins. Koa Misi, DE: Another defensive upgrade. Solid. 41. Bills. Torell Troup, DT: Yeah, no wonder they're in trouble. Stupid. 42. Patriots. Rob Gronkowski, TE: Cant have a Belichick draft without a TE. Solid pick. 43. Ravens. Sergio Kindle, DE: Great pick. The Ravens D is looking mean again for 2010. 44. Raiders. Lamarr Houston, DT: Clearly Al Davis has been locked in a cupboard this year. Good pick. 45. Broncos. Zane Beadles, OT: Not a bad upgrade. Could have done better with this pick. 46. Giants. Linval Joseph, DT: The 2010 Giants - 52 D-linemen plus Eli Manning. 47. Cardinals. Daryl Washington, LB: Oh, so that's where the Giants 46th pick went. Smart. 48. Panthers. Jimmy Clausen, QB: Finally off the board. John Fox needs a miracle from the kid. 49. 49ers. Taylor Mays, SS: Oh yeah!! Will probably end up at the Will LB spot. Great hitter. 50. Chiefs. Javier Arenas, CB: Add that to Eric Berry and the Chiefs have taken a big stride on defense. 51. Vikings. Toby Gerhart, RB: Solid banger to spell for Peterson. 52. Steelers. Jason Worilds, DE: Fits the Steelers mould nicely. 53. Patriots. Jermaine Cunningham, DE: I'll be honest. Who? 54. Bengals. Carlos Dunlap, DE: Should have been taken by Broncos at 45. Good pick. 55. Cowboys. Sean Lee, LB: Not bad. Adding depth to a good roster. 56. Packers. Mike Neal, DT: So you didn't want Cody because? 57. Ravens. Terrence Cody, DT: Because the Ravens wanted him? Ravens 2010 getting nastier by the pick. Watch out. 58. Texans. Ben Tate, RB: Solid player to fill a big need. Waited rightly to pull the trigger. 59. Browns. Montario Hardesty, RB: Good pick, but they still need a QB.... 60. Seahawks. Golden Tate, WR: Surprised he dropped this far. I think they got good value from this. 61. Jets. Vlad Ducasse, OT: I prefer Charles Brown, but Ducasse is still good and he fits the Jets physical style. 62. Patriots. Brandon Spikes, LB: They kept taking trades to move down to this solid pick. Does Belichick know how to do a bad draft? 63. Colts. Pat Angerer, LB: Solid Colts, as usual. They don't reach and they get rewarded. 64. Saints. Charles Brown, OT: Theres my man! Drew Brees just got a little bit safer. Third Round -- OG, Jon Asamoah to the Chiefs at 68. Another excellent pick by Pioli. Chiefs have done a great job in personnel this year. -- TE, Ed Dickson to the Ravens at 70. Good player adding depth to a great squad. -- WR, Brandon LaFell to the Panthers at 78. About time they got some help for poor Steve Smith. -- WR, Jordan Shipley to the Bengals at 84. But here's who the Panthers should have taken. That Bengals offense has received a major boost this offseason. -- QB, Colt McCoy to the Browns at 85. Ah ha! So that's where he'd been hiding all this time. The Browns are pretty dran lucky he fell this far though. No doubt Holmgren will be touted as a genius if it all works out, but you have to say they lucked out on this one. -- WR, Eric Decker to the Broncos at 87. I really like this pick. Another tool on the offense and I rate Decker highly. Steal. -- QB, Armanti Edwards to the Panthers at 89. A legit NFL talent at QB in my opinion. Odd choice though given the Clausen pick. -- LB, Navorro Bowman to the 49ers at 91. Ok, so if I wasn't a 49er fan this might not have come up, but hey; my blog, my rules. I like Bowman at 91, especially as the consensus just a month ago was that he might creep into the first round. Well, that's all for today. My mood was slightly soured by not being able to watch the draft live and by the combined efforts of and to crash my computer (in which they succeeded) but hey, the juicy bit of the draft is done now so I can relax and go to sleep. Tomorrow concludes the draft and I'll be picking the most interesting selections (from my bizarre perspective) after it's all said and done. In the meantime, have a great everyone.

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