Sunday, April 04, 2010

Let's Tackle the issue

-- In keeping with the recent trend, Saturday has brought us little news of interest, so this offers an opportunity to look back at the highlight from yesterday, which was the release of Flozell Adams by the Cowboys. Two things interest me particularly about this; what will the Cowboys do to replace him and where will he end up? Who Will Replace Him? Looking at the Cowboys roster, the most likely option appears to be Doug Free, who finished out last season at Right Tackle after an injury to Marc Colombo, who would be the only other current option to take on the role. There is of course Free Agency, but it makes little sense to dump Adams and then pick up another veteran Tackle. So the only two options that remain realistic, certainly in terms of the Cowboys making a playoff push, would be trade or the draft. Trade wise, there is only one name that really makes sense; Jared Gaither, of the Baltimore Ravens. It's believed that the Ravens would take a late first or an early second round pick for Gaither and that's exactly what the Cowboys have, holding the 27th overall pick (Baltimore picks at 25). The Ravens would likely then switch Michael Oher across to LT while The 'Boys would slot Gaither straight in at their LT spot. But what if the Cowboys hold on to their first round pick and go looking in the draft? Two names spring up at me right off the bat; Mike Iupati and Charles Brown. It's a little unlikely that Iupati will fall that low, but if he does, he certainly has the ability to convert into a mean LT. Brown is a player shooting up draft boards like a rocket. He's solid technically and many project that he will either go late in the first or early in the second. Dallas may just provide the answer to this young mans future. Where Does Adams End Up? Honestly, there are a lot of teams that need help, but here are some of the ones that jump to mind immediately. -- St. Louis Rams. It's looking like they'll go with Bradford at number one overall, so why not bring in Adams to boost the protection for their expensive new investment? -- Detroit Lions. Many people have the Lions picking a LT, possibly Russell Okung, with the second overall pick. Picking up Adams frees them to take Gerald McCoy at number 2. -- Washington Redskins. Their choices at number 4 overall basically come down to QB Jimmy Clausen or an OT, probably Okung or Bryan Bulaga. Taking Adams leaves them free to go with Clausen in the first round. -- Chicago Bears. I mean seriously, did you see the Bears protection last year? Adams would walk in and replace Orlando Pace. -- Green Bay Packers. I mean seriously, did you see the Packers protection last year? Would take some shuffling to figure out between Adams and Chad Clifton who goes left and who goes right. -- San Francisco 49ers. I mean seriously, did you see the 49ers protection the last couple of years? Adams would likely take up position on the right and try to stem the tide of sacks that the 49ers usually give up. -- New England Patriots. Belichick likes old veterans. Adams is old. Might come in on the left and force Sebastian Vollmer to RT for a season or two. Well, keep all that in mind anyway. One of the things I love about the NFL is the unpredictability of the offseason periods. And if your enjoying my little insights into the world of football, be sure to pass on the address to others. Have a great day everyone and Happy Easter. God bless.

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