Friday, April 30, 2010

Going wild

-- Ok, so I'm starting to get just a little sick of hearing people talk about how certain rookies drafted this year will fit into the now fabled "Wildcat". It's as if the Wildcat has somehow over night become the key tool that every offense must now possess if it plans to have a hope of winning any game of football. Everyone from Tebow to Armanti Edwards to Golden Tate are being touted as potential Wildcat players. It does make me laugh though. The idea that a team might unbalance it's line a little and run a speed option type play was being derided as a gimmick at the start of last season and now suddenly it's the holy grail of all football. Much of this can be traced back to the success of Michael Vick by the Eagles, which conveniently misses the point that Vick is an actual QB and not a RB, that the Eagles didn't use the speed option, and all that was happening was just Vick... in the shotgun. Of course the threat of the pass or run was going to be successful, bearing in mind that pretty much all football is based on a similar premise. -- Darren Sharper - the reasonably capable if a little over rated FS - has been visiting the Jags. Somehow, he actually managed to come away from the Jags without a contract. This is less of a damning indictment of Sharper as it is a damning indictment of the Jaguars lack of ability to spot talent when it's staring them in the face. Now considering I called Sharper over rated, let me qualify my description of him as 'Talent'. Sharper is good. He has good range for an old guy and he's very football savvy. Considered a locker room leader, Sharper was a key component in the Saints best area last season and that was the secondary. However! Being described as the leagues defensive MVP was pushing the boat out just a little too far from the harbour in my opinion. Yes he was good... at picking off rookies QBs and taking advantage of the hard work of Porter and Greer. All that said, he's still an upgrade on a Jaguars secondary that at times looked like it was deliberately trying to lose games so they could reap the rewards of massive offshore bets against themselves. -- Flozell Adams is still without a team. I'm not saying that Flozell Adams is the greatest tackle in the world or that he could single handily carry the Lions to the Superbowl, but he is pretty good and there are some teams in desperate need of help at that position. The Lions have already been mentioned but my main point of focus is Buffalo. Basically the Bills need a LT pretty much as badly as Afghanistan needs a stable government and a burgeoning Jobs market. Flozell may be old, he may be a little expensive for what he is, but ultimately he will help Buffalo win games, something they wont do with Trent Edwards spending half the game on his backside. Have a great day everyone.

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