Friday, April 16, 2010

Running up a sweat

-- Talk of a trade is in the air and that talk centers around the possibility of the Cleveland Browns making a move to acquire the number 1 overall pick from the Rams. The obvious plan is to pick Sam Bradford, something Mike Holmgren would be very keen on after saying of Jimmy Clausen, that he wished he liked him more. The Browns have plenty of picks to play with, plus two QB, in order to get the deal done. Personally I think the Rams would be much more interested in another proposed trade for their pick that's doing the speculation rounds, and that's the possibility of the Steelers trading Roethelisberger in exchange for the number 1 pick overall. Personally I dont see it happening, I just don't think that's the Steelers style. But if it does happen... man that's a great trade from the Rams perspective. -- A parallel has emerged this offseason regarding trades for WR. Three teams have gone out to strengthen their receiving corps in order to help their youthful QB. The Ravens picked up Anquan Boldin, the Dolphins went and got Brandon Marshall, and the Jets went for Santonio Holmes. Proof, say many, that the NFL is becoming a pass dominated league. And I agree, it is. But is this a wise choice? The idea has been postulated that the Ravens were only so run heavy in the 2008 season because it took the pressure off Joe Flacco and that the Jets & Dolphins did the same in 2009 to take the pressure off their respective, inexperiencedQB. But what intrigues me is this: The Ravens in 2008 went to the AFC Championship game off the back of their running game. The Jets in 2009 went to the AFC Championship game off the back of their running game. Now don't go me wrong, I understand a lot of that is down to their respective defenses and the presence of Rex Ryan running said defenses in both situations (proof that a good coach can make things happen with his "X's and O's" and not just "Jimmy's and Joes", something many lower level coaches like to claim is untrue). But a lot of what these two teams have achieved is down to their ball control, run the clock, keep their own defense off the field type approach. And if you watch the Jets and Ravens over the last two years, one thing you'll see is a surprising amount of is break away runs, especially given the common belief that rushing attacks lack this 'deep strike' capability. But now I'm just rambling. I like physical rushing attacks and we'll leave it at that, or we'll be here all day. Have a great day everyone.

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