Monday, April 05, 2010


-- I love it sometimes, when many factors swirl together to create a perfect storm. In this case it was a combination of my Internet service provider and the local power company, who took turns to deny me access to the Internet while possibly the biggest deal this offseason was going down. And yes, I'm talking about Donovan McNabb being traded to the Washington Redskins for their 2010 second round pick (37th overall) and their 2011 fourth rounder (which might jump to a third rounder based on as yet unannounced circumstances). Fans in Philadelphia must be crying with joy. This is something they've been hoping for, for years. Fans in Washington will probably be crying with joy to, as it's likely McNabb will take over from Jason Campbell for the foreseeable future. The question on everyones lips though is, why? Why trade McNabb, the Eagles all time statistical leader in every major QB category, to a divisional rival? The answer can be found in coach Andy Reids background. He's a product of the same coaching tree that produced Mike Shannahan; the tree of Bill Walsh. And one of Walshs mottos regarding players was always "better a year too soon, than a year too late". And so we come to McNabb, as Reid looks to offload the aging QB (now 33) a year or two before he declines, instead of a year or two after. The same kind of mentality can be observed in the decisions involving Brian Dawkins and Brian Westbrook. And into the limelight now walks Kevin Kolb, who the Eagles value very highly. In addition, let's not forget that this deal gives the Eagles an early second round pick and therefore another chance to enhance their team. In recent years they've made strides to make their team younger, picking up guys like LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson. For the Eagles then, this could prove a turning point, a watershed moment. Could this be when the Eagles finally bring all the pieces together in the next year or two and finally win that coveted Superbowl? And the Redskins? With the introduction of Shannhan and now McNabb, could the Redskins be on the verge of going back to the big game? I'm afraid, only time has the answer. Have a great day, and I'll be back later.

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