Thursday, April 29, 2010

I canna Faneca believe it!!!!

-- Alan Faneca has signed with the Arizona Cardinals, just days after his release by the New York Jets. Which has left another player in on the free agent market scratching his head. That player, is former Titans Center Kevin Mawae. Mawae maybe nearly 40 years old, but he is a pro bowl caliber O-lineman and knows a thing or two about making line calls and blocking. So why is Mawae still in limbo yet Faneca can get a job just like that? Mawae believes it has to do with his work with the NFLPA, including efforts to get a new CBA signed, insinuating that owners are wary of signing a player who is considered to be a leading figure in fighting for the players against NFL ownership. Personally I would be very interested in Mawae, especially if my O-line was as bad as Buffalos. -- More linemen now and Denver Broncos OT Ryan Clady has torn the Patellar tendon in one of his Knees. Was it caused during a rough and tumble practice session? Err, no, not quite. He injured his knee... playing basketball. And this, this ladies and gents (let's be realistic, gents) is why NFL teams are so adverse to players indulging in other sports and hobbies during their free time. Millions of dollars blown down the toilet by a casual game of basketball. Clady is expected to return some time in September, but that obviously means missing training camp and all other offseason work outs, setting him back a little. Have a great day everyone.

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