Friday, June 18, 2010

Bring on the bangers!!

So what's the theme today? None. Sleep maybe. If million dollar superstars (and I use that term lightly) can hold out from mini camps till they get paid enough, then I can hold out from blogging until I get enough sleep. It's now 23:44 here and I've been up since about 20:15 yesterday. That's over 24 hours. To add to the mix, I watched England play in the World cup. Who needs alcohol when that was depressing enough? But in general, I do like watching the world cup. All those players diving at the slightest brush, cheating, spitting, holding their ankles and faces after taking a minor knock and just the general lack of anything that might represent manhood reminds me of why I turned to the NFL in the first place, why I love it so much, and why I'm very concerned with the direction the game is heading in (the push towards "basketball on grass". I wanna see banger racing on grass!!). But I will be back tomorrow, refreshed and ready. Till then, have a great day everyone.

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