Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We're watching you!!

-- So ages I talked about Adrian Peterson's issues with fumbles. We're talking last year here. I mentioned that Peterson fumbles so much because he waves his arm away from his body when he runs, losing the five points of contact (tip, forearm, elbow, bicep, chest). I made the point that if someone would just teach him that, he'd be fine. Then recently Brophy ( , he's currently running a great series of audios from defensive coaching clinics) had a guest article that talked about the same thing, including excellent photos and a mention of Tiki Barber and how he fixed his fumbling problems with the Giants. Then today, NFL Total Access brings up the same issue. What's even more astounding is that they mention Tiki Barber and show some film of him, while talking about the 5 points of contact (though not specifically naming them as such). Coincidence? Maybe. It does raise some important questions though: 1) are staff from the NFL Network reading Brophy's and/or my blog? 2) If both of us saw the problem a long time ago, and the professional players from the show (Jamie Dukes & Fran Charles) both agree on our solution, while knocking the Vikings approach to the problem, does this make us better RB coaches than those at the NFL level? At a guess I would say no & no. But then you never know. Know what I mean? Right, I'm off to watch the 1983 NFC title game between the 49ers @ Redskins ( And yes, I'm well aware that my team is not going to come off well in this one. Till tomorrow, have a great day everyone.

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