Saturday, June 05, 2010

I came, I saw, I threw

-- So my eyes are hurting through tiredness and tomorrow I'm off to go and cut down the trees in my sisters backyard. It would appear her and her boyfriend - both in their 30s - are incapable of this task. So off I go, the only one in the family deemed safe enough to be allowed to pick up a saw... Which means that I'll be missing out on all the action and excitement of this Saturday in the NFL. And by that of course, I mean I'll be missing nothing. Not a thing. Unless Brett Favre returns to Vikings OTAs (I jest of course. It's not even August yet). What might be mildly exciting is the opportunity this weekend to (once the trees are down of course) take my good ol' Wilson out into the ample room of my sisters yard and have a go at tweaking a new throwing technique. Heaven forbid I should actually be able to get it on film for a change. If I can, I'll post it (After I've edited the video to air brush yours truly till he shines like a ripe apple. Or even some other analogy that makes more sense). Till next time, have a great day everyone.

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